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Other Policies

Creation of Accounts
Retail Store: In order to establish an account with us, a potential wine kit retailer MUST have a physical storefront (in other words, a real brick-and-mortar store, not just a virtual one) that is open regular hours throughout the week and is staffed with experienced winemakers or homebrewers.

Winery: Any bonded winery that has a federal permit from the TTB and a similar permit from their state ABC board may establish an account with us. Most states allow commercial wineries to make wine from grape concentrate kits, but not all. Please check with your state's ABC board to make sure of your status, and to learn of any other possible restrictions.

If your business meets either criteria above, please proceed to the "Become A Retailer" page and fill out and submit the online form found there. We will be back in touch with you to start the account application process.

Payment Terms
Until credit is established, payment is by major credit card only. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If your company requires it, feel free to fill out a purchase order; just be aware that we require payment when the items you order are ready to ship. We charge your credit card when the order has been packed and a shipping quote has been obtained, just before the truck arrives at our loading dock. All shipping is prepaid.

Once credit has been established, payments may also be made by check. If payments are made by check, they are due within 10 days of product delivery.

Be sure to read our shipping policy page, which introduces our shipping partners, and explains things such as minimal freight weights and drop shipping.

Order Cancellations
Order cancellations must be submitted to the warehouse in writing via fax or email prior to packing the pallet(s) or packages to avoid a $25 cancellation fee. If your cancellation is accepted, we will provide a written proof of cancellation for your records.

Once the order has been placed on the truck and the truck leaves our dock, the order cannot be cancelled and all merchandise and freight charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Unless a product is defective or is damaged in transit (see Product Defects and Freight Damages below), no returns are allowed.

Finance Charges
Late payments are subject to finance charges for each month that payments are overdue. Finance charges are calculated at 18% APR (1.5% per month); minimum finance charge $25. Finance charges are subject to change without notice.

Returned Checks
If a check is returned by the bank for insufficient funds, your account will be charged a $25 NSF fee.

Refusal of Delivery
Customers who refuse to accept delivery of an order without written proof of cancellation prior to shipping will be held responsible for the two-way freight charges (shipping damages included) and a $100 restocking fee.

Freight Damages
In the event that physical product damage occurs during shipment, please let us know immediately so we can either 1) credit your account for the cost of damaged goods, or 2) replace the damaged product(s) without any further cost to you.

In either case, all we require you to do is let us know what happened by providing proof or documentation of damage and initiating a claim with the carrier within 5 business days of delivery. By taking photos of the damaged product(s) or having the driver acknowledge the damage on his delivery paperwork, you can help us prove damage to the trucking company or delivery service. Customers are responsible for filing damage claims directly with the freight company and submitting a copy of the claims paperwork by faxing it or mailing it to our Laurel Springs, NC address.

Product Defects
Purple Toes proudly stands behind the products we sell. If a wine kit is defective (i.e. missing chemicals, has mold or mildew in the must, etc.) we will replace the kit or the missing part as soon as possible at no further cost to you.

An "expired" wine kit (a wine kit that has gone beyond its expiration date) is not considered to be a defective product. Due to the nature of the product and the ingredients involved, wine kits have a defined shelf life. We recommend you keep just enough product in stock to allow maximum turns per year. Purple Toes always strives to send you the freshest product possible to allow you ample opportunity to sell the kits before their expiration date.