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Shipping Information

General Information
Depending upon the size and weight of your order, we will recommend the best shipping method to get the wine kits to your door. Larger orders will be shipped via common LTL carrier, while smaller orders will be shipped via UPS or FedEx. The two methods of shipping are described below. Regardless of the shipment method used, all shipping must be prepaid.

Purple Toes has selected Echo Logistics and R+L Carriers as their freight shipping partners. Not only do they provide superior service to our region, but they have been able to negotiate terrific rates with several nationwide carriers. Wherever possible, we will use them to ship products to your winemaking supply store. You will qualify for the lowest rates if your store or winery has a standard loading dock. If your business does not have a loading dock, please be sure and let us know since this will affect the freight charge.

"Freight" is defined as palletized products whose net weight is at least 500 pounds. To give you an idea of the minimum freight weight, this translates to about twenty-five 7-liter kits (which weigh about 20 lbs. apiece), twenty-two 8-liter wine kits (approx. 23 lbs. each), or eleven 16-liter wine kits (about 40-48 lbs each, depending on type). You may feel free to mix or match wine kits to achieve 500 pounds.

Whenever your products leave our dock, we will contact you with the pro number so that you may track your shipment on the carrier's web site. All freight orders originate from our Laurel Springs, North Carolina warehouse (zip code 28644).

Other Shipping Methods
If your order does not meet minimum freight requirements for weight (see above), we will ship your order via UPS or FedEx. If you prefer one vendor over another, please let us know your preference. The total shipping charges for this method include the cost of shipping, the cost of our packaging, as well as a handling fee. When products are shipped via UPS or FedEx, the shipping rates and fees per unit will be much higher when compared to shipping freight via common carrier; this is why we recommend our customers order in volume to save on shipping costs.

Whenever your products are shipped, we will contact you with the tracking number(s) so that you may track your shipment on the appropriate carrier's web site.

Drop Shipments
Purple Toes supports drop shipments sent directly to your retail customers. We will bill your company the cost of product, the cost of shipping (explained above), plus a $7.50 drop shipment fee. Unless the minimum freight weight is met, the products will be shipped via UPS or FedEx.

Depending upon the method of shipping, you will be provided with either a tracking number or a pro number to aid you in tracking your customer's order.