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About Purple Toes Inc.

Purple Toes, established in 2005 as a wholesale distributor of fine winemaking kits, provides wine kits and product support for retail winemaking supply stores and wineries in our service area.

In 2010, Purple Toes expanded its offerings by becoming a licensed wine importer and distributor in the State of North Carolina. While we no longer import wine, we gained valuable knowledge about the retail and wholesale wine industry.


We currently represent one of the major wine kit manufacturers - Vineco - and stock their best-selling wine kits in our North Carolina based warehouse.

Heron Bay, Vineco and Cellar Craft wine kits

Our business office and wine kit warehouse is located in Laurel Springs, NC. Purple Toes is operated and managed by Brant Burgiss, a veteran in the winery and home winemaking industry.

If you are the owner or manager of a wine making equipment and supply shop and wish to learn more about stocking the Vineco lines of wine kits (including the ever-popular Cellar Craft brand), please contact us by filling out the online form.