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Wholesale Distribution of Wine Kits

The best wines are made from the highest quality wine kitsPurple Toes Inc. is a wholesale distributor of fine winemaking kits, providing high quality wine kits and product support for retail winemaking supply stores and wineries across the nation.

Wine Kits
We currently represent all the brands of wine kits made by Vineco - a major wine kit manufacturer - and stock their best-selling wine kits (grape juice concentrates) in our North Carolina based warehouse. We are able to sell these wine kitsat wholesale throughout the entire United States. See our service area page for the details.

If you are the owner or manager of a wine making equipment and supply / homebrew shop or a bonded winery and wish to learn more about stocking the Cellar Craft or Vineco lines of wine kits, please contact us by filling out the online form. We're more than happy to provide free product information on all the lines / brands of winemaking kits we stock.

We do not sell wine kits to home (amateur) winemakers. We can only establish wholesale accounts with the wine trade described above.